Shiva Tandava and Its Astrological Significance

Posted On: March 13, 2024

In Hindu mythology, Shiva is considered as one of the strongest deities. Shiva Tandava has vigorous, brisk movements and is performed by the divine God Shiva. Shiva Tandava has different dance forms named Anandtandav, Sandhyatandav, Kalikatandav, Tripuratandav, Gouritandav, Sanhartandav, and Umatandav.

Followers of the Lord Shiva consider these dance forms as different symbols of destructive and fearsome dance. Shiva not only allows a body to live freely but allows free your soul from any kind of bondage.

Shiva Tandava

Types of the Shiva Tandava

There are two types of Shiva Tandava – Rudra Tandava and the Ananda Tandava.

  1. Rudra Tandava is the fierce dance performed by him when he is in his anger phase but this Tandava is known to release the anger that we have within ourselves. Rudra Tandava doesn’t promote destruction but rather it allows you to free yourself from the evil that seeks refuge within you and seeks revenge or destruction.
  2. Ananda Tandava is the form where Lord Shiva can be seen in his purest form called Shivam or Satchidananda. Ananda Tandava demonstrates the purest aspect of his being. We can see Lord Shiva’s different nature within this Tandava.

What is Shiva Tandava Stotra and its Benefits?

Shiva Tandava Stotra on the other hand is the dance dedicated to Lord Shiva and was authored by his biggest devotee Ravan, King of Sri Lanka. It comprises powerful Shiva mantras with 16 quatrains that include 16 alternate long and short syllables. Shiva Tandava Stotra is also known as Ravan Tandav Stotra. Lord Shiva is known as the “Lord of destruction” and his dance is known to be the source of destruction to bring the whole universe to darkness. It describes Shiva’s power and his beauty.

Benefits of the Shiva Tandava as per the Astrology

Worshiping Lord Shiva is similar to connecting with divine energy. It has various astrological significance and benefits:

  1. Shiv Tandava when practiced with devotion attracts money. People who worship lord Shiva can enjoy a materialistic life.
  2. When the family member chants the Shiv Tandava Stotra mantra together then peace prevails in the family and they live harmoniously.
  3. It is believed that chanting this mantra for 51 days can fix marriage-related problems for people who are still single or face issues.
  4. People who chant Shiv Tandav Stotram regularly have a very successful career. They excel especially in legal fields and overcome their enemies.
  5. For couples who are seeking a blessing for a child, this mantra can be of huge benefit as it fulfills their wishes and they will be blessed with offspring.
  6. If this mantra is recited 108 times during an eclipse, then all the wishes of an individual are fulfilled.
  7. It overcomes fears and makes a person courageous.

When Lord Shiva performs Tandava, then it is depicted as Lord Nataraja who is surrounded by flames. Shiva Tandava is the source of creation and preservation. There are different hand postures involved with several movements. This dance is the combination of five manifestations of the eternal energy:

  • Srishti – Creation,
  • Sthithi – Preservation,
  • Samhara – Destruction,
  • Tirobhava – Illusion and
  • Anugraha – Release.

Shiva Tandava shows the most aggressive form of Lord Shiva through dance. When people are deeply engaged in this then they experience a whole new level of spiritual growth. It leads them to the path of enlightenment and activates the flow of energy in the body. Tandav originated from the name Tandu, the attendant of Lord Shiva, and is considered as the author of the Shiv Tandav.


People who are related to the field of art, music, and literature must be familiar with the dance form of Shiva called Shiva Tandava. According to Hindu mythology, Shiva is believed to be in only two states: the Samadhi state and the Tandava dance state. This dance represents the five natures of God – Creation, Sustenance, Dissolution, Illusion, and Initiation. Let’s not forget that Shiva is known for his third eye and when he performs Tandava then this eye activates.

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