2 Most Powerful and Dangerous Gemstones at the Same Time

Posted On: April 12, 2024

In Vedic astrology, the motion of the planets has a huge impact on our lives. Gemstones are considered as a remedy to reduce the negative effects of the planets. Each gemstone is related to our career, destiny, and personal life. However, some gemstones like Sapphire and Diamond are considered dangerous gemstones, and an individual needs proper guidance before wearing them.

Before wearing any gemstone, it is important to know how it functions by resonating with the energy of the planet. People should not wear or gift gemstones as jewellery as they have both luck and misfortune associated with them. Sapphire and Diamond are both considered the strongest as well dangerous gemstones based on their characteristics. Let’s learn about these in detail!

Dangerous Gemstones

The Two Most Powerful and Dangerous Gemstones as per the Astrology

  1. Sapphire:

In Astrology, Sapphire is considered as one of the most dangerous gemstones. It is linked to Saturn and thus it suits best to the individuals belonging to Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, Libra, Capricorn, and Aquarius signs. Saturn is associated with Karma and justice. It is believed to bring hardships and struggles but if it’s in the right place then it also brings good fortune to a person. It is blue and is, therefore, referred to as Neelam. Neelam also known as Shanipriya helps to improve wealth, social status, and health. Since ages, this gemstones belongs to the Kurundam family.

How to wear a Sapphire?

It should be worn in either iron or silver. Saturday midnight is an auspicious day and time to wear this gem in the middle finger of the left hand. It is connected with the “Chakra” in our body and should never be worn on the ring finger. It is important to consult an astrologer before wearing it so that it doesn’t ruin one’s life. A square-shaped sapphire is mostly preferred to increase positive energy. Sapphire should never be worn in silver as it invites 7.5 years of misfortune in a person’s life. Also, you should never give your ring to someone for wearing it as it can affect the energy of the gemstone.

  1. Diamond:

This gemstone is associated with Venus and is one of the most valuable gemstones. Diamond is one of the most dangerous gemstones as its negative effects can ruin relationships and create financial losses. It represents luxury, happiness, and beauty but on the other hand, it also creates problems in a married life. Diamond is the gem of Venus and is therefore related to happiness and wealth.

How to wear a Diamond?

A tainted or broken diamond should never be worn. It is auspicious to wear it between the ages of 21 to 50. The whiter the diamond, the more it is considered auspicious as per the Astrology. People who have health problems such as diabetes and blood-related diseases should avoid wearing them. Also, Diamonds should never be combined with coral or onyx. In some cultures, it is believed that unmarried women should never wear diamonds as it creates delay in marriage and brings misfortune in their life.


Gemstones play a major role in shaping our life. In astrology, gemstones are considered as a remedy to reduce the ill-effects of the planets in our horoscope. However, things start getting better if we wear a gemstone that is auspicious as per our zodiac sign. Whether you believe in the power of gemstones or not they still hold a major significance since ages. It is important to check the quality of the gemstone and choose the right metal before wearing it. Sapphire and Diamond are dangerous gemstones as well as lucky gemstones which together create a place in the Astrological world. Every gemstone is associated with some beliefs, myths and power and thus it is important to consult with an expert before wearing them.

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