10 Effective Vastu Tips for Good Health of Child

Posted On: March 26, 2024

Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian science that focuses on bringing harmony and peace to the surroundings. It is the guideline of the interior based on the five elements of nature. When it comes to children, every parent wants to bless them with good health and happiness. To ensure this, there are several Vastu tips for good health of child.

The future of the child depends more on the upbringing and like it’s said home is the first school of a child. Therefore, there are several Vastu tips to ensure the good health of your child.

Vastu Tips For Good Health of Child

Vastu Tips for Good Health of Child and Their Well-Being

  1. Study table: Where your child studies and the direction of their study table plays an important role in their mental well-being. The study table should never be placed close to the bathroom. According to the Vastu, it should be placed in the direction of the sun to ensure the positive energy flow i.e. east, north, and northeast direction.
  2. Placement of the bed: Your child’s bed should never be in the north direction as it is inauspicious. The southwest direction is the best position to place their bed and the child’s head should be in the south or east. Also, the bed should be placed a few inches away from the wall.
  3. Windows and Doors: The windows and doors should always open inside and not outside. They should be in the east or the north direction. Also, there should be enough ventilation and space for sunlight to allow the sun’s rays into the room.
  4. Colors for the room: Our body reacts differently to each kind of color. It is important to avoid dark colors in the child’s room. To create a calm environment, pastel colors are the best choice. Colors like yellow and green create a refreshing and calm effect in the room.
  5. Natural Lights: Natural lights have a good effect on the overall health of a child. Sunlight is a source of Vitamin D. Therefore, encouraging natural light and proper ventilation can allow your child to gain benefits from nature. Also to improve the concentration of the child while studying, proper lights should be installed in the room.
  6. Mirrors in the room: Mirrors or any kind of reflective screen in the opposite direction of the room brings bad luck. It is said that your child should never see their face first in the morning. Also, placing mirrors in the wrong direction disturbs the sleeping patterns. Big-size mirrors should be avoided in your child’s bedroom.
  7. Lord Ganesha Image: There should be images of Goddess Saraswati and Lord Ganesha in the room of your child.
  8. Avoiding Clutter in the Room: Waste materials and clutter should be cleaned from the children’s rooms as they create obstacles in their lives. Also, an organized space should be created to let the good energy flow.
  9. Keep the Electronics away from children: Overexposure to electronics can create obstacles in the child’s growth. To avoid this, electronic devices should be used less in their room. Also, gadgets like computers, laptops, etc. should be kept at some distance away from their bed.
  10. Avoid sharp furniture in corners and edges: Instead of sharp edges in the furniture, round edges should be preferred as a precaution. Sharp edges create negative energy and can harm children in many ways.


Incorporating vastu tips for good health of child can help to create a safe environment. But good parenting and care can create a powerful home where a child can grow and learn. To improve your child’s physical as well as mental health Vastu Shastra can be of great help. Also, it can help to organize your child’s room in a better way. Also, make sure that there is a perfect balance of décor in the room.

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