Kuber Yantra And Its Benefits

Posted On: June 1, 2023

In the realm of Vedic astrology, the Kuber Yantra is revered as a potent tool for attracting prosperity and abundance. Rooted in ancient Indian scriptures, this mystical geometric diagram represents the blessings of Lord Kuber, the celestial treasurer of wealth and abundance. By harnessing the energies of this sacred yantra, individuals can invite prosperity, financial stability, and material abundance into their lives. In this article, we will explore the significance of the Kuber Yantra and how it can unlock the pathway to prosperity.

Understanding the Kuber Yantra:

The Kuber Yantra is a sacred geometric design that comprises complex patterns and shapes. It is typically engraved on a metal plate or drawn on a piece of Bhojpatra (specially prepared paper). The yantra incorporates various symbolic elements, including squares, triangles, and the powerful bija mantra “Shreem.” These elements work together to create a vibrational field that resonates with the energies of wealth and abundance.

According to Vedic stories, worshipping the Lord Kuber (the Lord of wealth) can bring enormous wealth in a person’s life. By worshipping the Kuber Yantra one can observe drastic changes in a positive direction. Now, Let’s understand how this yantra can benefit you.

Benefits of the Kuber Yantra:

Attracting Financial Prosperity:

The Kuber Yantra acts as a powerful magnet, attracting financial opportunities and abundance into one’s life. It aligns the vibrations of the universe with the individual’s desires, helping to manifest wealth and success.

Overcoming Financial Obstacles:

By meditating or focusing on the Kuber Yantra, one can seek the blessings of Lord Kuber to overcome financial hurdles and debts. It instills a sense of confidence and resourcefulness, empowering individuals to make wise financial decisions.

Enhancing Business and Career Growth:

The Kuber Yantra is highly beneficial for business owners and professionals seeking growth and success. It promotes the flow of positive energy, aids in making favorable connections, and attracts prosperous opportunities.

Protection of Wealth:

The Kuber Yantra not only helps in accumulating wealth but also safeguards it from unexpected financial losses or misfortunes. It creates a protective shield around one’s finances, ensuring stability and security.

Activating and Using the Kuber Yantra:

Cleansing and Energizing: Before using the Kuber Yantra, it is essential to cleanse it by washing it with water or milk and offering prayers to Lord Kuber. Then, energize the yantra by chanting the bija mantra “Shreem” or the associated Kuber mantra.

Placement: Find a clean and sacred space in your home or office to place the Yantra. It is advisable to position it in the north or northeast direction, facing towards the south.

Regular Worship and Meditation: Dedicate a specific time each day for worshiping and meditating on the Kuber Yantra. Light incense sticks or a ghee lamp and recite the Kuber mantra to invoke the blessings of Lord Kuber.

Positive Affirmations: While meditating on the Kuber Yantra, repeat positive affirmations related to wealth and prosperity. Visualize your financial goals being fulfilled and express gratitude for the abundance in your life.

How to Worship the Yantra?

  1. Before you begin attracting positive energy, it is important to cleanse your body and clear your mind.
  2. Choose a quiet spot on the floor that faces east, where you won’t be disturbed.
  3. Light a scented stick or a small oil lamp to create a pleasant atmosphere.
  4. Place a fresh fruit and a fresh flower on a special table or surface.
  5. Open the Yantra and place it next to an image of the deity associated with the Yantra, as well as any other deities you worship.
  6. Take some water and a fresh leaf from a tree, and sprinkle the water on yourself first, followed by sprinkling it on the Yantra.
  7. Purify your soul and devote yourself completely to God. Chant the Kuber Yantra Mantra 21 times. The Mantra is – “Om Yakshyaya Kuberaya Vaishravanaaya Dhanadhanyadi Padayeh Dhana-Dhanya Samreeddhing Me Dehi Dapaya Swaha”
  8. Close your eyes and focus on the deity, asking for blessings and expressing your heartfelt desires. Speak to God in your own language, sincerely requesting that your life’s desires be fulfilled.


The Kuber Yantra serves as a powerful catalyst for attracting prosperity and abundance into one’s life. By embracing its sacred energies and practices, individuals can unlock the gates of wealth and experience financial stability and growth. However, it is important to remember that this Yantra is a tool to enhance positive actions and intentions, and its true power lies within oneself. Combine the energies of the yantra with diligent efforts, sound financial planning, and ethical practices to truly manifest a prosperous and fulfilling life.

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