Effects of Rahu in 11th House of Kundli and Its Effective Remedies

Posted On: January 24, 2024

In Vedic astrology, where planets impact our lives, Rahu, a shadow planet, has a significant role. Rahu is known for its mysterious energy, and today we’ll explore how Rahu in 11th house of Kundli affects us. We’ll also look at simple remedies to balance its influence.

Understand Rahu:

Rahu is like a hidden force in astrology. It doesn’t have a physical form, but it can still affect our lives. It symbolizes our strong desires and obsessions. When it’s in the 11th house, the house related to gains and social connections, it can make our desire for success and social recognition stronger. This can bring both challenges and opportunities.

What is Rahu Dasha?

Rahu Dasha is a period ruled by Rahu’s influence. It lasts for 18 years and brings significant changes in our lives. During this time, we might face both good and tough situations. If Rahu is in the 11th house, this period might make us focus more on material gains, networking, and social recognition. It’s crucial to handle this time wisely and use remedies to ease any difficulties.

Effects of Rahu in the 11th House:

– Big Goals: If Rahu is in 11th house, we might have really big goals. We’ll be eager to succeed, gain recognition, and improve our social status.

– Unusual Friends: Rahu in the 11th house can lead to forming unexpected friendships. We’ll be keen on making connections that can help us achieve our goals.

– Relationship Challenges: While we’re busy chasing success, our personal relationships might face challenges. The strong desire for success can sometimes make us distant from our loved ones.

Easy Remedies for Rahu in 11th House:

  • Chanting Rahu Mantras: Regularly saying Rahu mantras, like “Om Bhram Bhreem Bhrom Sah Rahave Namah,” can help calm Rahu’s energy and balance its influence.
  • Wearing Hessonite (Gomed) Gemstone: Wearing a Hessonite gemstone can have a calming effect on Rahu’s energy. Check with an astrologer to see if it’s suitable for you.
  • Doing Rahu Remedial Puja: Doing special pujas for Rahu, especially during its inauspicious time, can help reduce challenges. Offering mustard oil, black sesame seeds, and purple flowers is considered good.
  • Helping Others: Doing charity work and helping others can balance the materialistic side of Rahu. Donating black urad dal, mustard oil, or black-colored items on Saturdays can be helpful.


With Rahu in 11th house of your kundli, your journey might be full of ambitions and desires. But with these easy remedies, you can make this journey smoother. By understanding the energy of Rahu, one can overcome challenges and grow personally and spiritually. Remember, it’s always a good idea to consult with an astrologer for personalized guidance based on your birth chart.

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